COVID Email Update:              2021.08.04

  • Update on Monoclonal AB, Vaccines
    and booster recommendations 

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Jan Hospital News                 2021.01.19

Jan Department Head Minutes

Feb Hospital News                 2021.02.23

Feb Department Head Minutes

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Primary Care Clinic Hours Update 
Plan for our Walk-In Patients  
Delta Health Update         2021.07.01
A lot of changes in the last two weeks!
New Radiology Web Viewer 
ICA-21971 iConnect Access (ICA) Users Guide
Passwords have been changed.  They are now the first 3 letters of your first name and first 3 letters of your last name, both capitalized.  (FirLas)

       COVID Email Update:          2021.09.27

       COVID Email Update:          2021.08.17

  •  Vaccine Booster Update

       COVID Email Update:          2021.08.04

  • Update on Monoclonal AB, Vaccines
    and booster recommendations 

      COVID Email Update:            2021.07.01

  • Delta Variant Update

       COVID Email Update:              2021.05.12

  • Vaccines now handled in the clinics

  • Updated Pfizer Vaccine EUR

  • Summary of COVID activity in Colorado


Email Updates

       COVID Email Update          2021.01.14     

  • Monoclonal Antibodies & Vaccines

  • Bamlani Algorithm of Process

  • EUA Bamlanivimab Fact Sheet 

  • EUA Regeneron Fact Sheet

  • Bamlani Info for Providers

  • Bamlani or Regeneron Patient Instructions

  • Bamlani EUA Orders

      COVID Email Update:            2021.01.29  

  • Pregnant Patients are at greater risk for complications from COVID  (Video)

  • ACOG & SMFM Joint Statement on WHO Recommendations

  • ACIP Vaccine Safety

      COVID Email Update:              2021.02.17

  • Safety of Vaccination in Pregnant Patients  (Video)

  • Questions About the Moderna and Pfizer 
    mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines


  • Monoclonal Antibodies Infographic

      COVID Email Update:              2021.03.31

  • Pre-Op Testing

  • Admission Testing

  • Monoclonal AB Update

       COVID Email Update:              2021.04.27

  • Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT)

       COVID Email Update:              2021.05.04

  • Pregnancy and COVID

  • CDC Guidelines for Vaccinated Persons

  • J&J Janssen COVID Vaccine EUA

       COVID Email Update:             2021.06.16

  • Delta Variant Information

       COVID Email Update:          2021.08.19

    From Matt Heyn, CEO     2021.08.18

    Radiology Update from
    Kevin Fischer, Director     

        COVID Email Update:          2021.10.25

  • FDA/CDC Booster Recommendations

  • New Guidelines for vaccine
    administration among patients receiving
    rheumatologic medications