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COVID Email Update:              2021.08.04

  • Update on Monoclonal AB, Vaccines
    and booster recommendations 

Med Exec


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Medical Staff


CEO Matt Heyn's Quarterly Report
Video link HERE 
Strategic Plan, Sole Community Status, Tax Initiative
Compassion Fatigue and Burnout  
By Stephanie Nickel          2022.01
   Power of Perseverance
Matt Heyn, CCO                 2021.11.18
Administrative Update after Dept Head Meeting                    2021.07.19 
Primary Care Clinic Hours Update 
Plan for our Walk-In Patients  
Delta Health Update         2021.07.01
A lot of changes in the last two weeks!
New Radiology Web Viewer 
ICA-21971 iConnect Access (ICA) Users Guide
Passwords have been changed.  They are now the first 3 letters of your first name and first 3 letters of your last name, both capitalized.  (FirLas)

       COVID Email Update:         2021.01.28

  • Monoclonal Update

       COVID Email Update:          2021.01.18

  • Evusheld pre-exposure prophylaxis available shortly

  • Omicron now in Delta County

       COVID Email Update:          2021.01.06

  • Outpatient Therapeutics:  Paxlovid
    and Evusheld

  • New CDC Recommendations for Isolation and Quarantine

  • Pediatric Vaccinnes

       COVID Email Update:          2021.12.13

  • Monoclonal AB infusions now available on a self referral basis

  • Omicron variant

  • New Antiviral "Paxlovid"

       COVID Email Update:          2021.10.25

  • FDA/CDC Booster Recommendations

  • New Guidelines for vaccine administration among patients receiving rheumatologic medications 

       COVID Email Update:          2021.09.27

  • Delta Health Vaccine Policy 

  • Vaccine Booster Update

       COVID Email Update:          2021.08.19

       COVID Email Update:          2021.08.04

  • Update on Monoclonal AB, Vaccines
    and booster recommendations 

      COVID Email Update:            2021.07.01

  • Delta Variant Update


Email Updates

       COVID Email Update:             2021.06.16

  • Delta Variant Information

    From Matt Heyn, CEO     2021.08.18

    Radiology Update from
    Kevin Fischer, Director     

       COVID Email Update:          2021.08.17

  •  Vaccine Booster Update

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