Delta Health's Medical Staff Bylaws are currently being updated. When you click on the Bylaws above, you will see the most recent red-lined version.

Gwen Conrad, Medical Staff Coordinator, and Julie Huffman,

Delta Health's Chief Clinical Officer, are reviewing each section to ensure they remain compliant with CMS, DNV, NIAHO and the Colorado State Medical Board.  "Delta County Memorial Hospital" is being replaced with Delta Health.  Some items have been removed (in red) and some items have been added (in green).

These updates are being reviewed by your Medical Executive Committee monthly, and will be presented to the medical staff

30 days before our next meeting on August 17th.   We will discuss these changes and vote on the Bylaws at this August business meeting.

If you have any comments or concerns, please contact your Service Committee chairperson.

Delta Health
Rules & Regulations

Delta Health's Medical Staff Rules & Regulations will be reviewed and updated this year by the multiple departments at Delta Health.  As you can imagine, this will be a lengthy process.

Again, if you have any comments or concerns about any section in the Rules & Regs, please contact your Service Committee Chairperson or the Medical Staff Office at 399-2850.